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About us

The service portfolio of Coinygram

Coinygram is an online platform specialized in trading crypto currencies and crypto products. As one of the few providers within Europe, Coinygram does not only focus on already experienced crypto traders as its target group, but has made it its mission to open the market around crypto products and virtual currencies to the broad masses.

Coinygram follows a holistic approach and serves as both entry and exit point to the market. Deposits and withdrawals of fiat currencies like Euro are possible at any time with Coinygram's payment interfaces.

This will make it particularly easy for newcomers to the industry to make their first investments successfully. Supplemented by an extensive free training program and excellently trained support, new users of the online platform are also given extensive assistance to help them expand their trading activities on the market.

The core functions of Coinygram

Coinygram allows registered users to freely trade digital assets. Two different trading options are available to users.


With the limit order, the user specifies a maximum price at which he wants to buy or sell the crypto currency he wants to buy or sell. When the order is placed, it is entered into the Exchange order book. As soon as another market participant accepts the price, the order is executed or partially executed.

A limit order is particularly useful when the market is very volatile. By setting a maximum price, you can prevent unfavorable entry and exit prices. At the same time, however, there is a risk that the order will not be executed or will be executed very late.


This is in contrast to the market order, which ensures that the order is executed quickly. In detail, the system searches for the order that is currently favourable for the user and that can fulfil his order. The buyer or seller thus realises the currently best possible price.

The market order is recommended whenever the order is to be executed in any case and as quickly as possible. The risk of an unattractive price for the user is countered by the advantage of rapid execution as a disadvantage.

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